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Arial Assault by artisinmyheart101
Arial Assault
This piece is my submission for the annual dragon hunt. Just a heads up, the storyline below is not all cotton candy and rainbows but everyone makes it to the end... Except for the dragon that is.

Featured in this piece:
Horses-  5090 Cherished Brandy  8129 SMS Georgia Clay  A1024 Frost Bite 9894 A Patient Heart
Riders- Rose Cherokee Emily Asher

Asher's log of the 2015 dragon hunt:
Day 1: 9:00 a.m. Today my friends and I set out on a ten day journey to find, fight, and defeat a dragon in search of a token to win the favor of the Queen. I am keeping this log to chronicle the journey as I'm sure our first dragon hunt will be an interesting one. With us we are carrying water purification devices, one change of clothes, enough grain for the trip, dehydrated food pouches, and the handcrafted dragon tack that was custom made for each horse. The weather as we depart is fair but cool signaling that fall is upon us.

Day 2: 6:00 a.m. Yesterday we made ten miles over flat, easily traversed terrain. Both horses and riders are doing well, albeit a bit restless from the excitement of the trip. Today we will be entering the foothills as we approach the mountain range where our target dragon resides, which will likely slow our progress. Our rations are holding steady and moral is high as our journey continues.

Day 3: 6:00 a.m. Our company has had our first mishap. Yesterday while crossing a swift river we lost half of our dried meal rations to the current. In addition the terrain slowed our progress, we only covered seven miles. We have decided to administer the goldenwing potions early in the hope of completing the hunt before we run out of food for the riders. Today we will be going airborne, for most of us it will be the first time riding while in flight. Our mounts are healthy and hopes are high despite the challenges we have faced to this point.

Day 4: 6:00 a.m. I am beginning to think that we have bitten off more than we can chew. We are hopelessly lost and running low on dry goods. The cloud cover has made it impossible to know how far we have traveled or how far we have yet to go, however far it is it is too far to turn back now. Yesterday we flew until the horses began to tire then landed for the night on a small cliff face. The horses are fairing well, but the same cannot be said for their riders. We have decided to cut our own rations in half in order to stretch what we have left. As we reach higher elevations water is becoming harder to find, and i'm worried about what may become of us all when we reach the lair of the dragon. The two youngest horses in our company, Patience and Frosty, are becoming more restless the closer we come to the cave where the dragon dwells. They know what is to come.

Day 5: 4:00 a.m. We have reached the dragon's lair. This morning Cherokee and I took the more experienced horses, Brandy and Georgia, out to scout the area. We only caught a brief glimpse of the beast, but it was enough to shake me. It was a massive, fast moving animal with gens embedded in its scales. We plan to make our move as soon as the sun rises. After evasive flight patterns to tire the beast Emily will swoop in to deliver the fatal shot with her carbide arrows, then we will be able to safely enter the dragon's cave to claim our prize. Let's just hope all goes to plan.

     "Gather around everyone." Rose commanded stepping to the center of camp. She took her place among the other riders and began laying out their final plan of attack. "Cherokee, you Asher and I will draw the dragon out of its cave and tire it out. Keep it flying as long as possible but remember that safety is paramount," she said with a serious tone, "I'm sure I don't have to remind you that this species is hot in the front, sharp in the back, and hard in the middle." Both horses and riders stared at their leader in quiet reverence as she continued. "I regret that this is our first dragon, but it is our best chance at a worthy token. We have studied this thing for more than a year. We know it's tactics, and more importantly we know its weaknesses." By now the sun was shining through her fiery hair as she spoke, highlighting her figure from behind. "Prepare yourselves, once we have engaged this beast if will not let us escape it. Victory is the only option! Mount your horses! Now, we ride!" She said roaring with conviction. With inspiration filling their hearts and minds the four hunters mounted their respective steeds and flew into battle.

Day 5 cont.: 9:00 p.m. An account of the fight- We mounted our attack from above. Rose, Cherokee, and I climbed high in the cloud bank and swooped down, drawing the dragon from its cave. It began to pursue us, changing targets frequently, seeking to cut the weakest among us from the others. We banded together and positioned ourselves so that Emily could deliver a swift arrow to the dragon's underbelly. This maneuver was unsuccessful, the dragon with its superior eyesight saw its attacker in time to preform an evasive move. We repeated the process several times, managing to land a few arrows in the beast's hide, but yielding little results in the way of a victory. After approximately an hour of dodging flame and claw we began to see a change in the dragon, it ran out of fuel for its projectile attacks and began to slow. Though it was weakened and slower the dragon was still a more than worthy opponent. As the fight went on the horses also began to tire, especially the younger of the four. The animals on both sides of the fight began to make careless mistakes. The dragon flew dangerously close to mountain peaks and the horses began to dip in too close to the sharp teeth and claws of their adversary. Then it happened. As my mount Georgia and I came back in for another pass at the dragon I heard a loud shriek, so shrill that I thought it was human rather than equine. The clouds parted to reveal Frosty flailing about in the grasp of the great monster. Each one of its large hind feet was clasped around his neck and right wing. His rider, Rose, clung to a nearby rider's stirrup for her life. At the sight of her friend in trouble Georgia launched her own attack against the dragon, who was busy ripping Frosty's armor away from his body. When it saw us coming it tossed Frosty aside like a toddler would a toy, slamming him into a cliff face before he fell from our sight. While distracted by Georgia's attack the beast left his underbelly unguarded allowing Emily to swoop in and finish the fight. We found Frosty and the dragon lying just feet from each other at the mouth of the dragon's cave. Frosty, who was presumed dead, was alive but very badly injured. Cherokee and Emily are flying back now to secure medical transport for Frosty, his injuries are severe but we are hopeful that he will recover.

     "I can't believe that you're actually plundering treasure at a time like this, one of the horses almost died! He still might!" Rose shouted into the cave after Asher who emerged carrying carrying a headdress fashioned from diamonds and gold. "Why not?" he responded, "we all risked our lives to do this. I'm not leaving without what we came for." Tears welled up in Rose's eyes as her strong persona cracked and crumbled away. "You're right." she whimpered, "it's just... no one was supposed to get hurt." Together they nursed the only casualty of the expedition until help arrived in the morning.

Day 6: 5:00 a.m. Objective accomplished. Token attained. All riders accounted for and un harmed. One horse injured. Being flown home by helicopter. Rose and I following on Georgia.

Day 7: 2:00 a.m. Helicopter landed near a highway. Horses are being trailered home overnight. Frosty is stable but not out of the woods.

Day 8: 4:00 A.m. We arrived home late last nigh, or maybe it was early this morning, the days have all began to blur together. They would be indistinguishable were it not for this log. Frosty is in the on site clinic receiving round the clock care. He is improving, but it is believed that several of his ribs are fractured and that he has lost sight in one of his eyes. In addition one of
His wings was mangled beyond repair so he will be supplemented with sugar water daily to hide the deformity. Next week we will travel to present our token to the Queen, all of us that is except for Cherokee and Frosty. She will stay behind to care for her injured patient. With that I end my log of the 2015 dragon hunt.

all work is mine, but the dangling rider was heavily reffed from this base set…


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Rose Volher
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Design my smexy stallion and win a slot!

Here are the possible genos
geno: EE aa nTb nLp 
black tobiano spotted blanket 
geno: Ee Ata nCr nTb nO nLp 
burnt buckskin tovero snowflake appaloosa

Here are the parents

1108 BP's Polar Express by xXxStormyWeatherxXx

5090 Cherished Brandy by artisinmyheart101

I would prefer the black tobiano spotted blanket but I will consider designs with the other geno :) I would like something that is BEAUTIFUL and easy to replicate.

I reserve the right to not choose any designs submitted if I don't click with any of them, in this scenario there will be no winner announced. I also reserve the right to merge or alter designs, in this instance anyone who had an influence in the design will recieve a slot. 

The slot winner will be expected to read and sign my breeding rules which I think are pretty basic and fair. 

This contest will be open for one week meaning it will end on 10/23/14 (additional time may be requested)


artisinmyheart101 has started a donation pool!
100 / 1,000
My first pool was for 100 points and i met that YAY! But now im going to start saving up for a premium membership so please donate.
If anyone is interested i will do a digital drawing of anything you like for 10 points

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